Elected officials must be trusted to make informed decisions for our town. And it is imperative for those representatives to engage in productive conversations, respect leadership, and hold one another accountable.


Choices made by our elected officials have caused Gilbert to grow tremendously. A further influx of people is altering the character and landscape of our community…from changes to what, where, and how our children learn to the ways Gilbert is being developed. Clearly, there are those who envision a different Gilbert. Yet we must ask if change is appropriately focused, including how our tax dollars are used for infrastructure, housing, and schools.


If elected, Mario's immediate call to action is the $515 million bond that was voted on in 2021. After speaking to many residents in Gilbert, he has heard loud and clear that they want this money to be spent conservatively and wisely to benefit the residents of Gilbert, not the special interests of elected officials and developers. 


The residents of Gilbert share values around community, business, security, religion, and fellowship. Additionally, we share playgrounds, pools, parks, retail, and infrastructure. With great pride, we share all that is good about Gilbert, and Mario will do his part to strive to keep it that way. Together, we must stand for our families the way God intended us to live, love, and serve one another. 

Gilbert is rooted in a sense of community - helping neighbors through meal trains, moving days, ride shares, representing at local churches and organizations to help those in need. Together, we celebrate daily life and many traditions throughout the year. Gilbert is all about putting its citizens first. If elected, Mario will work to continue to strive to encourage this spirit of compassion that runs deep in our community through working with local churches and organizations who are truly invested in our community and our residents.


Our immediate call to action is to keep Gilbert safe and forward-looking while embracing its origin. Gilbert is known to be one of the safest towns to live in the nation. Mario wants to keep it that way. It is inevitable that with the recent growth Gilbert has experienced, the need for our first responders to be prepared is imperative. Mario's background in law enforcement gives him an advantage to understanding what this means. He will assess, communicate and engage with our first responders to ensure they have the proper resources to keep Gilbert safe.


We have witnessed the push to teach theories to our children across the nation. The attempt to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) forces our children to see color before seeing each other. All this shapes a child’s growth and development. Mario believes that a child's parent or guardian should be the one to model life lessons based on personal values and beliefs, how and when they feel their children are ready. When necessary, he will advocate for the rights of families to teach their kids sensitive subjects when and how they deem appropriate.


For Gilbert to be a safe and thriving community going forward, it is necessary to assess and evaluate radical, progressive policies, and ideologies that have seeped into our collective conscience. These ideologies have threatened to rob us of the freedom and liberty that every American has the privilege of enjoying. That many in Gilbert have moved here for. Because Mario experienced at a very young age what happens when government is given too much control and power, he will seek to ensure the residents of Gilbert are protected from government overreach on a local level.