With the foresight and courage to flee a tyrannical government in El Salvador during the 1980’s civil war, his parents taught him the responsibility of becoming an American. They instilled values of conservatism, hard work, character, honesty, and integrity. These values continue to guide his beliefs and behaviors, as a husband, father, and your neighbor. On July 3, 2006, Mario totally embraced the freedoms afforded by this great country by becoming a US Citizen and today remains committed to the spirit of his parents. 

When Mario first started caring about issues facing Gilbert

Becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States piqued his interest in politics. After completing training to become a Special Agent for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in 2009, Mario served two years in Puerto Rico before moving to Gilbert to start a family. While on assignment with DEA, Mario was able to give back in service to a country that has given him so much. Once a resident of Gilbert, local political and social issues became a focus of his attention. Mario cares deeply about the happiness and well being of our children and the path they are expected to navigate.   

Why Mario is qualified to serve our community

An ability to build relationships and work in high-pressure situations makes him uniquely qualified to serve as a member of the Gilbert Town Council.

Over the last 16 years, Mario has held leadership positions that required teamwork, critical thinking, and decision-making under pressure while working toward common goals.


His calling to community service dates to his years in law enforcement. Five months of Basic Agent Training with DEA developed excellence among team members in federal law, surveillance, undercover operations, weapons proficiency, and many other areas. On assignment in Puerto Rico – the greatest and most challenging leadership role of his career – he was responsible for communicating in Spanish and translating to English between local police and DEA agents. Additionally, he worked closely with agents in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Europe, as well as the US. When he left the DEA, his office had recorded one of the most successful money laundering investigations in the Caribbean Corridor.


Since August 2012, Mario has been employed by Motion Industries as an Account Representative, building relationships with employees of global brands like Pepsi and Gatorade. Solving problems to keep industry in motion is an everyday responsibility. This necessitates engaging with a variety of stakeholders. Throughout the pandemic, he was considered an essential worker. Given the need for production to continue, he applied critical thinking to address concerns for the health and safety of customers in addition to mitigating business risks.