for Gilbert's Family Values

Gilbert’s reputation as one of the most sought-after towns to raise a family beckoned Mario and his wife ten years ago. Because they intend to be here a long time, Mario wants to play an active role to ensure Gilbert remains a family-first community. A community that embraces the values of honesty, integrity, compassion and authenticity. Where elected officials can be trusted to make informed decisions for our town. It is imperative for our representatives to engage in productive conversations, respect leadership, work together, and hold one another accountable.

Urgent Challenges Require All of Us

Our immediate call to action is to keep Gilbert safe and forward-looking while embracing its origin. This means fostering an environment for growth and development in our schools, neighborhoods, businesses and among community leaders.

What We Need to Do to Act

The positive examples we provide our children are at risk. Action follows focus. Right now, we must focus on working together effectively to reinforce the family values essential to Gilbert’s future.

These Challenges Can Be Met

Around his faith in God, Mario is confident in our resolve to meet these and any other challenges. Many of our neighbors share this feeling and want to act now. 

Commit to Gilbert

Join Mario in our effort to keep Gilbert the town that raises sons and daughters with outstanding integrity and morals. If elected to the Town Council, Mario will be your conservative voice for those family values. 

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Pro-Second Amendment

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